In this Best Of episode, we take a look back. Once again, Caesar, The Sneaker Girl, and JumpmanBostic are in the #BasementOfTheJs.

We discuss the proper ways to clean and store your sneakers.

We breakdown the differences between a sneakerhead and a hypebeast?

We answer more questions submitted by our listeners, including a comment by one of The Sneaker Girl’s secret admirers.

How dope would it be if Jordan brand did do a collab with JumpmanBostic.

We discuss which sneakers we were looking forward to back in 2015.

Can NOT be a fan of an athlete, or collaborator, and still buy their shoes?

2015 was the year of long names for sneakers.

In This Week In Stupid, a woman cuts up her husband’s sneakers after she finds out he was cheating on her.

We discuss if the brands owe us as the sneaker
Community, and if we’re our own worst enemies by adding to the hype via things like YouTube review videos.

We do our first ever Diary of a Shoe Salesman segment.

One of our listeners asks us if it’s ok for White people to buy “BHM” sneakers.

And finally, Caesar and JumpmanBostic get into a competitive back and forth over who could beat who in a pick up game of basketball.

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