Nintendo Switch

After continued investigation, Nintendo reports that 300,000 accounts have been hacked in recent months. The company revealed the new figure following an announcement in April stating that 160,000 accounts had been compromised.

The hacks have resulted in exposed user information including the account owner’s name, email address, date of birth, and country of residence. Nintendo has reset the passwords for all of the compromised accounts and informed each user.

The breach was first made known in March when customers became aware of unauthorized purchases. After instructing users to enable two-factor authentication, Nintendo finally admitted thousands of accounts had been illegally accessed, although the company remains unsure as to how this was possible. Nintendo suggested that some may have had weak passwords, while others likely reused passwords from other services, making it easy for hackers to access.

The company insists that the 300,000 compromised accounts make up less than one percent of all accounts.

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