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Summer’s arrival means easy living for the most part. As the days stretch longer and longer, it feels like we have all the time in the world. This usually brings the tempo of life down a notch, and people are generally in a better mood. That is until we’re encountered with summer’s hardest conundrum: do I need to take a jacket or not?

Despite the hike in daytime temperatures over the season, it can often get a bit chillier when the sun drops behind the clouds. Sure, there’s no need for a down jacket or anything of the sort, but you may find yourself wishing for an additional lightweight layer. Not only does a summer jacket help as a warmer, its lightweight construction means it’s no hassle to jam into your tote bag, because nobody wants to be carrying unnecessary weight when the mercury rises.

With this in mind, we’ve pooled together some of our favorite lightweight jackets on sale right now, to ensure you look good throughout summer, and for less.

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