There’s nothing worse than getting all sweaty when the weather starts to heat up in the summer. Unless you’re working out. Then there’s nothing worse than not being equipped to deal with the sweat you’re about to work up. If you’re going to be keeping fit social-distancing style by pounding the pavement this summer, you’re going to need the right gear to make sure your workout doesn’t get too hot to handle.

Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite summer running outfits to keep you cool (or at least as cool as possible) while you’re putting in work. While these outfits are designed for the runners among us, there’s nothing that says you can’t wear these to the gym, or even on some of those incredibly hot days where a light sweat is unavoidable.

Moisture-wicking technology, as little fabric as possible, and some of the best, lightweight running shoes make up our selection below.

Our first selection of products puts breathability at the forefront. We’ve paired a mesh PUMA cap with lightweight Reebok runners. The short shorts are a must when running in the summer, as is the short-sleeve, moisture-wicking T-shirt.

If you’re running in the summer, chances are you’ll be out in the sun for extended periods of time. While you can do your best to lather on the sunscreen before you head out, your sweat means anything you put on will be less effective, while the sun’s power will be magnified. A hat will protect your head and face, while a long-sleeve top will make sure your arms don’t get fried (don’t worry, it’s still lightweight enough to ensure you won’t overheat).

If you’ve already worked on a base-layer tan, then you can swap out the long-sleeve shirt for something sleeveless. Still, you should protect your head, which this breathable ASICS performance hat does without weighing you down. The adidas Ultraboost SUMMER.RDY sneakers are, as the name suggests, perfect for the hotter months, and will give you enough spring in your step to power you through whatever workout you throw at them.

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