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There’s a fine line between dressing like a yacht owner and dressing like a wannabe yacht owner — two entirely different wardrobes easily confused to the untrained eye.

The former is often focused more on functionality and purpose-built garments, compared to the latter: a Grand Theft Auto–type character rarely spotted without a champagne bottle in hand and mad-big aviators covering their bloodshot eyes. For us, this season is about finding a balance between the two, a sartorial setup everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re gathering in the galley, hanging on a halyard, or simply soaking up rays on the sundeck, we have you covered, Captain.

Jacket – CELINE HOMME BY HEDI SLIMANE — CELINE’s Loose Ave 57 Sky Teddy Jacket is so Hedi Slimane it hurts — but in a good way. Satin, pink and white, with Club Tropicana vibes, it’s a sure-fire banger for sunny days at sea.

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Pants – ZEGNA — We’re fairly certain there’s an unwritten rule in yachting style that you can’t own a yacht if you don’t also own a pair of crisp white pants. This pleated Zegna number certainly fits the bill.

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Sunglasses – TOM FORD — Sunglasses are an essential part of any yachting look. Whether you’re using them to protect yourself from UV rays or to hide your recovering bloodshot eyes, a pair of Tom Ford sunnies are needed.

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Shoes – LENYS WORLD — The way that Lenys World’s Candy Apple slippers look beneath a fresh white pair of slacks is more than enough reason to nab a pair for all your nautical adventures.

Watch – ROLEX — If you own a yacht (or at least pretend to), no one will believe a word you say unless you have an equally-as-impressive Rolex on your wrist. How about one worth $30K?

Top – CELINE HOMME BY HEDI SLIMANE — Slimane often draws on Californian iconography, and this sleek satin shirt — equipped with studded palm trees — is no different. Wear buttoned-up or loosey goosey, the choice is yours.

Shorts – WINNIE — These two-tone shorts from New York–based Winnie are a cut above the rest: slightly longer than one might opt for, but also comfier thanks to a wool-silk blend. What more do you need in a pair of shorts?

Necklace – CELINE HOMME BY HEDI SLIMANE — Accessorizing is often overlooked when it comes to creating specific ensembles — but not here. CELINE HOMME’s Triomphe Gourmette necklace with a rhodium silver finish is the perfect companion to sit beneath a crisp beige open collar.

Bracelet – CELINE HOMME BY HEDI SLIMANE — Did you hear? Jewelry two-pieces are so in right now. This matching CELINE HOMME bracelet is a subtle showstopper, but make sure it’s secure — we don’t want this baby falling overboard when fetching the fender.

Watch – ROLEX — Time isn’t really relevant out at sea. Surely it has its own weird way of measuring time, right? Either way, it’s good to have some gauge of what’s what, and a $30,500 Rolex gets the job done.

Shoes – TOM FORD — Pink Tom Ford velvet slides? Don’t mind if we do. Clad in hibiscus pink with an embroidered logo, an open toe, and a flat rubber sole, they’re anything but functional, and instead extremely boujee, which is probably more important.

Towel – HERMÈS — Dry yourself fancy with this colorful Hermès towel, a luxury robe ready to elevate any yacht’s bathroom.

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