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If you ever wanted to get an inside look at some of the style trends tastemakers on Instagram are eyeing, look no further. We’ve all been there before — whether saving a post for future style reference or trying to identify an article of clothing through the comments, wouldn’t it be great if all of their favorite things were available in one place to discover, shop, and share?

That’s why we partnered with Klarna — the simple shopping app offering exclusive daily deals, price-drop alerts, and flexible payment options that lets you pay on your own terms — and some of our favorite tastemakers to bring you the Thursday Hookup, a weekly selection of curated jawns straight from their wish list to yours.

The first edition of the Thursday Hookup features model and former figure skater Justine Biticon. Her impeccable style and huge social media following have enabled her to become a voice for people of color within the fashion space. Check out what Justine’s eyeing this week and why she chose them, and check back each Thursday for another fresh drop.

For an even smooother shopping experience, you can cop Justine’s items and more from the easy-to-use Klarna app. It’s so smoooth it even has an extra ‘o.’

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“They’re socks, but with Supreme on them. It’s part of the look.”

“A super easy bodysuit to dress up or dress down, depending on my mood. A good basic to have!”

“A shirt for when I’m in the mood to be a little bolder while still staying comfortable.”

Who doesn’t love a skin-tight top with a monogram print on it? No one, that’s who.”

“Another good basic to have that can endure when I stumble through life. Great material, easy to throw on — what’s not to love?”

“This miniskirt can become a statement piece due to its tight fit and material. It also fulfills my dream of one day becoming one of Charlie’s Angels.”

“The ‘I mean business’ shoe. Pair with a sheer sock and I’m ready to kick some corporate ass.”

“I’m a sucker for a casual tight-fitting tank with a little extra on it. This tank is two words and they are absolutely everything.”

“Everyone needs a good pair of sturdy, form-fitting boots, and this is that pair. Something casual to take on the world.”

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