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For the most part, NBA players are accustomed to certain luxuries that many of us will never know. This includes lavish meals prepared by team staff and personal chefs. However, the cuisine provided at the Orlando facility where the remainder of the NBA season will take place doesn’t exactly stack up to what these guys are used to.

As players have begun to arrive in Florida to commence training, Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets took to social media to give us a look at what athletes are being served in the Orlando bubble. It didn’t take long for Twitter to chime in, as some likened the spread to airline food, prison meals, and middle school lunch.

Troy Daniels shares his first meal inside the Orlando Bubble on Instagram pic.twitter.com/jpORX6P7cn

— NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) July 8, 2020

After the post went viral, the NBA reassured everyone that the food will get better once people leave quarantine. “After clearing quarantine, players will also have access to various restaurants on campus and delivery options to choose from,” the league said in a statement. “Players will receive three meals a day and four meals on gamedays. There is never a shortage of food options — players can always request additional food by speaking with their team nutritionists.”

Still, players are not allowed to leave the Orlando facility until their team’s season ends, so options will remain limited.

See below for the most hilarious reactions to the NBA’s Orlando bubble meals.

Fyre Fest 2.0 in the NBA’s bubble. Documentaries will be made 👀 pic.twitter.com/Up9Wd6YXo3

— George Jarjour (@gjarjour) July 8, 2020

There’s only one man that can save this Fyre Festival food that they serving in the NBA bubble: pic.twitter.com/OGZaDRZw8G

— 𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟 (@iamJustinRitch) July 8, 2020

No way Bron eating this LOL https://t.co/mGWgPBbS6S

— Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) July 8, 2020

LeBron chilling with his chef watching these players post their meals 😭 pic.twitter.com/jk4pDA2or4

— Top Ball Coverage (@TopBallCoverage) July 8, 2020

I had this exact meal in Middle School https://t.co/2gUvNCnCBq

— Clutch NBA (@ClutchNBAat5R) July 8, 2020

They really Eating air plane food

— The best (@lamarmvp_08) July 8, 2020

NBA players eating airline food in Orlando pic.twitter.com/8ZQeRp0s5k

— LakeShowYo (@LakeShowYo) July 8, 2020

NBA Players when TMZ catch them at a fast food outside the bubble pic.twitter.com/20BwrdWO70

— Had To Do It (ft David Lewis) Video OUT NOW (@ParagonDon605) July 8, 2020

Zion after a week living on vending machine food instead of the NBA’s meals pic.twitter.com/ytNrrgB6PA

— Freddie Benson 2.0 (@FreeFreddie3) July 8, 2020

Adam Silver when he sees an NBA player with a fast food sandwich pic.twitter.com/DtO9VqmrH8

— Tyler (@TL_2022) July 8, 2020

Door dash workers bringing the NBA players food inside the bubble once LeBron sees the dinner tray: pic.twitter.com/ZdQw1EwpCX

— Ayo? ◉⃤ (@washedjean) July 8, 2020

Steph Curry enjoying his time off while the rest of the NBA is being forced to eat airport food

There’s levels to this pic.twitter.com/Hn4aytfVjA

— Chris Montano (@gswchris) July 9, 2020

Thus how nba players gon be on fastbreaks cuz adam silver fed em cat food pic.twitter.com/136r4GiWp3

— jas☔️ (@jb43710) July 8, 2020

The #NBA bubble in Orlando isn’t MLS-levels bad with the food, but this “chicken” meal being served looks horrifying. Show @Chiozza11 some respect 😭 pic.twitter.com/CF6QDewCrn

— Josh Sánchez (@joshnsanchez) July 8, 2020

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