As adidas YEEZY GM and former Vice President of Global Entertainment and Influencer Marketing for adidas, Jon Wexler has held some of the most enviable roles in the world of footwear. Now, the man known as Wex has kicked off adidas's new Creator U class with a new video and a HYPEBEAST-exclusive Q&A.

Over the course of the video, Wexler discusses everything from how he finds inspiration when working on a project to adidas's myriad of collaborators like Kanye West and Pharrell — all while sporting a crispy pair of the YEEZY 700 V3 "Alvah." Wex also offers some advice to job seekers, dropping gems on how a lateral move isn't a bad thing when you're chasing your goals and acknowledging the importance of "getting your foot in the door."

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We connected with adidas’ own Jon Wexler and asked him some of our most burning questions. Tune in to see our Q&A and let us know your thoughts.

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In the HYPEBEAST-exclusive Q&A Wexler goes even deeper, discussing how he sees his job changing as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and even talking about why a collaboration can go wrong.

Check out both videos here, and for more from the YEEZY head revisit our January 2019 Business of HYPE episode with Wexler and Jeff Staple. If you're looking for more YEEZY news, be sure to head over to the latest installment of our weekly Best Footwear Drops series.

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