Moncler and Zellerfeld, the label renowned for 3D-printing, have teamed up for a limited-edition run of 3D-printed Trailgrip sneakers.

The Trailgrip has become a bit of an icon in the world of Moncler footwear, although a 3D-printed variation takes things to another level completely.

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Set to be revealed on July 10 at Studio Ascenti, the Italian label’s footwear showroom in Paris, the Moncler Trailgrip 3D is a fusion of engineering and artistry, and an example of Zellerfeld’s unrivaled 3D-printing capabilities.

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The sneakers themselves are made using a recyclable mono-material, a material that not only makes the sneakers aesthetically intriguing, but also offers significant environmental benefits which align with Moncler's eco-conscious approach to design.

According to Moncler, the Trailgrip 3D represents “the future of manufacturing” where creators can produce “a fully-formed, factory-free shoe at the push of a button.”

Moncler, Press

“As Moncler’s first venture into 3D-printing, this collaboration serves as a monumental moment for the footwear industry and further underscores the significant shift brands are taking to break away from the conventional factory manufacturing process,” said Cornelius Schmitt, Co-Founder and CEO of Zellerfeld.

“Luxury fashion houses like Moncler are driving the future of fashion by embracing 3D-printing production models as the new standard.”

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