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Louis Vuitton’s luxury sporting goods aren’t inherently surprising. We’ve already witnessed wild luxury tchotchkes aplenty, from $1.3k Tic-Tac-Toe sets to CELINE hydrofoils, and we’re not really fazed by the exorbitant prices any more.

Really, the most surprising thing about Louis Vuitton’s $87k foosball tables, $22k golf bags, $2.6k dumbbells, and $810 jump ropes is simply that they exist at all.

Part of Louis Vuitton’s Art of Living collection, these ultra-indulgent sporting goods are ostensibly intended as gifts for Mother’s Day or perhaps a birthday, but you have to be living in a Succession-tier price bracket to consider any of these things giftable (whatever happened to quiet luxury, BTW?).

The Highsnobiety editorial team was tickled enough by the sheer audacity of Louis Vuitton’s indulgent accessories that we even went through the Art of Living collection piece by piece, selecting the stuff that we’d buy if we were billionaires with nothing to do but shop.

And, for what it’s worth, don’t consider this a diss. I don’t mind stuff like this existing simply for the sake of being incredibly unnecessarily aspirational statement pieces.

The spectacle of $2.5k Louis Vuitton soccer balls, ~$1k Chrome Hearts ski goggles, and $400 Tiffany skateboards, is enough to justify their existence in my book

I wouldn’t buy any of ’em myself but that they’re available for sale ain’t no skin off my back. It’s just fun to look at.

To Louis Vuitton’s further credit, its sporting goods are all beautifully made and fit neatly within the house codes.

Sure, I could take or leave the faux splattered paint job on some of the skate decks but the $4.6k chess set with little wooden LV blocks in place of conventional pieces? The $7.1k toy basketball hoop that comes with an LV x NBA sticker sheet for decoration? The $131k monogrammed billiard set? Amazing.

Just don’t imagine any of this sporting equipment actually getting used. It’s probably well-made enough to handle typical wear, of course, but you almost certainly aren’t shelling out six figures on a pool table to actually use it.

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