Having been mostly closed off from the outside world for the past months, taking a trip to the countryside to take in the scenery and fresh air has never looked so appealing. While hiking might be seen as a wholesome day out, there’s a lot to consider in terms of what you wear and carry. If you’ve packed properly and you’re wearing the right things, hiking truly is a pleasure, but it only takes an unexpected downpour and a sub-par jacket to turn your day into a cold, damp nightmare.

We’re here to ensure that you never have to live that nightmare, with a selection of hiking gear that caters to form and function. Waterproofing, ample packing room, and durable materials are all on the agenda, and our hike-ready selections come courtesy of And Wander, Acne Studios, Arc’teryx, and more.

In recent seasons, luxury fashion houses have had a fixation on the accessories you’d likely find on a hiker. Let’s take this season’s obsession with neckwear: be it a water bottle holder or a keychain, it’s a hiking essential. Crossbody bags? Hiking essential. Bucket hat? Hiking essential. You get where this is going, the list goes on.

Clothing is really important when it comes to hiking. Your get-up has to be fundamentally effective before we can even think about how it looks. Breathable, technical materials offer a lightweight, stylish solution to an age-old hiker’s problem: the temperature and conditions can change within seconds.

It makes sense that an activity focused on the movement of your feet necessitates a comfortable pair of kicks. Not only are we looking at foot support and durability, but we’ve also chosen footwear that will make a visual impact too.

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