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We understand that this week has been jarring, tiring and frustrating for most of us. Whether you’ve taken to the streets in protest, are educating yourselves and others, or simply checking in with your community, we thank everyone who’s doing something to combat systematic racism. In times like these, our weekly comments roundup feels almost too frivolous to post, but we’ve decided to go ahead anyways, hoping that our readers’ biting and silly remarks can be some needed comic relief in an otherwise grim news cycle.

This week, in a powerful move of solidarity Nike and adidas took a united stance against racism. While making a powerful statement about setting differences aside in the face of adversity, some of our clever readers couldn’t help but remind us that this still doesn’t make it okay to mix Swooshes with the Three Stripes.

We also want to highlight some of our less pressing news for its obvious ridiculousness. Notably, we wrote a post about how clothes made cars cool again – yes, we really did; as if that wasn’t enough, we made a list of summer-ready adult shorts; we also got a bit carried away with Nike SB’s “Chunky Dunky” sneaker, and of course Kanye made an appearance as well.

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@highsnobietystyle: Simple nylon shorts are a staple of time spent outdoors. The baggie traces its roots back to 1920, when the Boy Scouts made the garment an official part of their uniform. Fast forward 100 years, and this piece has leapt from trail to town. ⁠ ⁠ In celebration of summer being just around the corner (and your #WFH sweatpants worse for wear since March), we’ve picked five of our favorites for you to try. Tap on the images to add to 🛒⁠ ⁠ 📷: Backgrid/ @jasonpietrastudio for Highsnobiety

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Original Post: Adults Can Wear Shorts & Here Are Some All-Budget Pairs to Prove It

10. “I’m defo not the target audience for these posts.” – sinclairsavio

Original Post: You Can Cop Ben & Jerry x Nike SB’s ‘Chunky Dunky’ at StockX

9. “Well, if I don’t get them at least I can drown my sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerrys and then put the empty pints on my feet 😭😭” – Danny Seth

8. “Just think how much Ben & Jerry’s you could buy instead.” – Adam Lunt

7. “Were they made in the dark?” – Tony Tomko

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In 2020, the sneakerheads growing up and transforming into adult shoppers have an itch for collaborations that embody their evolving higher-end hobbies, and one overlap is between cars and clothes. A new wave of auto-inspired fashion from the likes of Aimé Leon Dore, Supreme, L’art De L’automobile, and Period Correct is the result. 🚗📈⁠ ⁠ We took a look at how clothes are making cars cool again; swipe through for an overview, and hit link in bio for the deep dive. ⁠ ⁠ 📷: tagged in images

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Original Post: How Clothes Made Cars Cool Again

6. “Imagine thinking Supreme saved the car industry.” – thealexjones_

5. “Thanks to Supreme I finally know what a car is !!!” – matthewhoyland

4. “Thank god Bape stepped in and saved Formula 1” – Jmikeydafish

Kanye West

Original Post: Kanye West Is Working on a New Album

3. “He’s writing an album about Scotland?” – Garry Dow

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⁣Earlier today, @adidas reshared @nike’s #UntilWeAllWin campaign on its social platforms as an act of solidarity towards the ongoing issues of racial injustice. ⠀ ⠀ Although a simple gesture, it sends an important message for everyone to set their differences aside and to unite for collective progress.

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Original Post: Adidas Has Reshared Nike’s Powerful “Don’t Do It” Message

2. “‘… And that’s how Adidas and Nike, finally ended racism’ – Me, telling my grandsons what happened in 2020.” – Iorx McFly

1. “I still don’t want to see Adidas socks with Nike shoes.” – Alvin Garseeyuh

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