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Grailed is a hotbed for rare fashion cops. Until now, perhaps the holiest of grails was the Riot! Riot! Riot! camo bomber from Raf Simons’s much-revered FW01/02 collection, once listed on the site for $47,000.

Now, that Drake-approved piece of Raf Simons history has been superseded by a more obscure item from the designer’s oeuvre: his university thesis.

I have no idea how tf they acquired this, but someone on grailed is selling Raf’s senior thesis lmaooo

— [ MarkSabino ] (@marksnotnice) May 24, 2020

For his thesis project at the LUCA School of Arts in Genk, Belgium, Simons designed a series of accessory cabinets titled “Raf Simons Corpo,” which translates from Latin as “Body.”

The items are described by owner Max Reynders as “a series of accessory cabinets with four upright metal tubes ‘dressed’ with different materials.” A metallic creation, titled “PROTECTION” and currently listed for $99,998, is one of five pieces that are currently in Reynders’s possession. The lucky collector is also the proud owner of two Raf Simons sofas and four other cabinets.

The designs check-out with Simons’ well-documented penchant for coverings and contrasting textures.

Not only did Simons study furniture design, but he also worked as a dealer for a short time upon graduating. When we spoke to Simons in March about his work for textile company Kvadrat, he told us: “I graduated in ’91, and thinking about furniture and the environment in which we live has always been very much in my general interest. One way or another, it comes together for everybody — with fashion, as well as music, interior, architecture. All creation, except the art.”

You can bid on the piece here should you want to add a bit of flair to your WFH storage space.

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