Kim Kardashian West of 'The Justice Project' speaks onstage during the 2020 Winter TCA Tour

Spotify just signed a deal with Kim Kardashian for an exclusive series about criminal justice reform, Variety reports.

The show will be exclusively available on Spotify and will be distributed under the Spotify-acquired Parcast network. It will tie into Kardashian’s work with The Innocence Project — a nonprofit with a focus on exonerating wrongly convicted people and advocating for criminal justice reforms — and spotlight both her work and that of co-producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi.

The podcast series will reportedly dive into Ansaldi’a investigation of Kevin Keith’s case — he was convicted of three murders in 1994 and sentenced to execution. Keith’s sentence was finally appealed in 2010 when new evidence came to light.

It’s unclear what the financial terms for the deal are, but it’s assumed to be less than Spotify’s landmark deal with Joe Rogan last month, which was rumored to be worth more than $100 million. Spotify declined to comment on the specifics of the Kardashian deal.

With deals like Rogan’s and now one with Kim K, Spotify is establishing itself as a key player in the podcast space, slowly chipping away at the dominance of Apple and YouTube.

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